A short history

Long story short, I grew up in southern Finland, played a lot of videogames, ran my own BBS, played a little basketball, did well at school, moved on my own, went to the army, started working with the web, got married to a lovely girl, graduated, got two dogs, became a husband and a dad.

Having recently turned 30 and become a father to a wonderful little girl, there never seems to be quite enough time to go around. Luckily that doesn’t stop me from getting excited about things. I wish I could go to movies more often, but I’ll manage!

I’m a second generation geek. Computers and software have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. My dad’s a computer scientist and I grew up watching my big brother play International Karate on his C64.

I wanted a Nintendo as a kid, but my dad was wise enough to buy me a PC (perhaps so that I could turn it into a profession and finance my own gaming consoles later on?) That actually turned out quite nicely, considering I love computers and fiddling with them for a living. I love being able to use the computer to do something delightful.

I love music. I used to compose some electronic tracks, and we also enjoy playing some cover tunes with friends. I have a guitar and I proudly suck at it.

I get excited about things and love to learn new skills, as well as teach others. I believe in lifelong learning. I want to be the guy who inspires people, awakes in them the desire to learn, and whose presence has a positive effect in the people around him. I’m hoping to one day work for a non-profit or some other instance that would contribute to making the world a bit better.

I'm @mieky on Twitter. Come say hi!
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