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Learning experiences are best shared

This blog post may look short, but I rewrote it ten times over.

That is the very reason I started the blog to begin with. For quite a long time I’ve felt a desperate need to write down my thoughts, yet it is notoriously difficult to get started. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, and I can barely finish words before rewriting them. If you would see me writing an email, you would get my point. That needs to change.

It is not only being slow in writing things I’m worried about. I am genuinely interested in learning and self-development, and on top of that I want to be part of all the fantastic stuff going on in the developer world. My problem is, I am too damn afraid of making mistakes. I feel bad about putting out anything less than ultra-high quality, and revealing my flaws to others would make me vulnerable, right? I’m a rather experienced software developer, after all - I can’t show them there’s something I don’t know! A bad case of the Nokia syndrome, if you will: you always want to create the coolest things, so in the end you can’t actually ship anything.

To be honest, the kind of content I will be writing remains to be seen. In any case, I believe that learning experiences are best shared, and know that I simply cannot be the only one with the symptoms I just described. This blog will probably be as much about attempting to record things I’ve found useful or interesting, as a learning experience about myself and what makes me tick. If someone else benefits from what I’ve written, that’s fantastic.

(Phew! Now let me mark the “Write first blog entry” task done in OmniFocus.)

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